ManageBGL 1.8 - Fixed mg/dL handling, fixed non-grams carbs

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ManageBGL 1.8 - Fixed mg/dL handling, fixed non-grams carbs

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Points now displayed with each Add entry

BGLs in mg/dL now handled much better
- add BGL confirm message
- Carb ratio and Meals Times setting screens (please check these screens)
- Wizard now performs immediate calculation for meal on load

Fixes for Carb measures other than grams
- Meals drop downs on wizard, carbs and combined log screens
- Wizard

New log types for
- Endocrinologist visit
- Ophthalmologist / Optometrist visit (eye exams)
- Kidney - urine test for microalbumin
- Blood test for cholesterol levels, Blood Pressure, C-reactive protein
- Nerve test - testing feet with monofilament
- Diabetes educator meeting
- Dietician meeting

Added Glucagon rescue text
New meter type: CareSens N-pop

ISF and Carb ratio screens
- TDD calculation helpers can now include or exclude basal insulins
- Now take carb units other than grams into account correctly

Lantus changed from 23 to 24 hours action to make calculations easier for users

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