ManageBGL 2.1 released!

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ManageBGL 2.1 released!

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Wizard now no longer needs to update ratios - it always has the most timely ratios and targets at hand
Can now log sensor data manually, and Home HbA1C tests
Restructured Physiology settings into
Diagnosis - Diabetes type, Year of diagnosis, Therapy type
Options - Ideal BGL range, Low BGL treatment, Wizard treatment of protein and fat, Default GI factor, Charting options, Renal clearance
New Medications screen
Much larger text size for emergency information
Changed Patient to Person/People

Delayed eating suggestions
Swap carbs now provides buttons for normal or hypo response carbs
Food database can now click-to-wizard or click-to-carb screens
Better styled coaching messages
Touch-devices can now easily access coaching messages
Sensor BGLs now in better color
Improved CoPilot import
Added many new meters and pumps
Re-arranged menus for type 1 and type 2s
Points system reworked, with links to information on nerve damage, kidney and eye damage
Notes now only take up the notes field
Insulin Quick add for Basal insulins on insulin screen
Report - Heatmap
Report - Day-by-Day Statistics
Report - Hourly Statistics
Report - Daily Patterns
Report - Candlestick Chart
Two custom factors now allowed - by the minute

Ultra short time format for iphone/ipod
New Day Plan and Hospital Check-In Day Plan
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