ManageBGL 2.5 release

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ManageBGL 2.5 release

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We've just unleashed a new round of ManageBGL features for you!

* Improved security. You may have already seen messages relating to this
* Improved Health Care Team Sharing - making this process easier
* Health Care Team portal, making it easy to triage the patients with the worst results -
focusing on patients with the highest A1C, or in-patients with pending hypos
* Carer portal, making it less complicated for carers to navigate ManageBGL.
* Live A1C reporting on charts screen - so you can know your A1C
before you see the doctor!
* Logging for
* Liver test
* Vitamin D
* Cholesterol LDL/HDL/VLDL/Total
* Better guidance for setup - now shows the percentage complete
* Sensible defaults (and warnings for these) to make it easier when the
setup is incomplete
* Now includes modeling ICU (Intensive Care Unit) feeds - Osmolite, TwoCal, Jevity
* Modelling added for Humulin 70/30
* Fixed log date range, and log type setting of log query (was being ignored)
* Time-based ratios no longer round their output. This allows for Carb ratios
like 12.32, and makes the calculator more accurate.
* Wizard now recalculates when moving from 'Hi' back to BGL field
* Inplace edit now does not modify audit logs
* Prevention of doubling-up of overlapping identical factors
* History for factors changes, and negative factors now allowed
* Import now allows negative time offsets
* Simpler basal rate modeling for people not using insulin pumps

If you haven't used ManageBGL in a while, is there a problem we can help with?

Quick Start Guide <>
Or just reply to this email - we'd love to help!
We are also on Skype <skype:datamystic?call>

We've been working hard to make it even better, and even more tailored for your Meter, CGMS and Pump.

ManageBGL Customer Service Team
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