ManageBGL 2.6 release

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ManageBGL 2.6 release

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Insulin to cover Hypo treatments (jelly beans etc) now appear as part of the Calculator's Insulin sum
New warning on settings if they have been changed recently
Security-All sessions are logged-out if the password is changed
Setup better described for different Role Types
New Invite function
Wizard now calculates current time relative to user's time zone, rather than the viewer's (which was usually the same),
unless the PWD and HCP were in different time zones
Fixed charts occasionally not working when duplicate BGLs were entered
Meal sizes of zero are now not defaulted in carbs field.
Consistent meal display across Calculator, Carbs and Combined Log screens
Split screen now intelligently splits in half on different monitor sizes
Fixed Split screen display, and removed setup checks
Low and High BG radio buttons are now preserved on Recalc
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