PredictBGL 1.7 release

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PredictBGL 1.7 release

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PredictBGL 1.7 Released!

We're stoked to announce our updated iOS and Android Dosing Apps.

2 million foods - super-accurate doses from carb, protein and fat data.
Works with whatever carb counting app you wish e.g. FatSecret.
LIVE Dexcom feeds, LIVE NightScout feeds, LIVE Minimed feeds.

Get it now!

We have more free inclusions and pedal-to-the-metal features than any logging or diary app!
• Dose calculation - free
• Visualization of what your blood sugars are REALLY doing - free
• Live syncing to unlimited phones/tablets - free
• Basal and meal reminders - free
• Hypo predictions and reminders - free
• Post-hypo follow up reminders - free.

-- What's New --

• HealthKit integration - access 2 million foods (or use barcode scanning) from FatSecret, MyFitnessPal or any food App to enter food data.
Turn HealthKit on under Settings \ HealthKit, Dexcom, NightScout \ HealthKit
• Carbs, protein, fat and fibre will be pulled into the app when you hit 'Add', for super-accurate doses
• Prediction uses the last CGM point as the 'tie point' between predictions and actuals. This makes it easy to see dose issues AND for predictions to be most accurate heading into the future
• CGM high/low warning settings now sync to website, and work better for mg/dl units. CGM alerts now show a red bar across the top of the dashboard instead of an alert
• Live connections to Dexcom, NightScout and Minimed - not 3 hours delay like legacy systems
• Better sample carb ratios for BE/CC/KE carb unit users
• Points can now be turned off
• Added Insulatard insulin
• Simpler basal modelling
• More decimals shown for basal rates and ratios
• Added dawn effect modelling
• Added fiber to dose calculation
• Translations now available for Russian - thank you Alex!, Spanish - thank you Ana! and Chinese (simplified) - thank you Alison!
• Bug fixes and enhancements

Seamless HealthKit Integration

PredictBGL can now read Blood Glucose data coming from HealthKit. so if you use a connected glucometer, the data automatically flows into PredictBGL without you having to do a thing. And even better, if you log a dose within 10 minutes of a blood test, PredictBGL will automatically default it into the calculator for you.

Live Dexcom Integration

If you have Dexcom linked to your iPhone, you'll see Dexcom data that arrives in HealthKit automatically moving across into PredictBGL. Dexcom data is normally delayed by 3 hours, but you can get live data with one of our Plans. The advantage here is that you can dose off Dexcom data instantly.

Carb Counting Apps - FatSecret

Now that PredictBGL talks to HealthKit on the iPhone, you'll never be at a loss for carbohydrate information again!
With more than 2 MILLION FOODS in its database, FatSecret is just one of the many carb counting apps that PredictBGL can automatically read information from without you having to lift a finger!

And not just carbohydrates.

You can now dose off protein, fat and fiber information, for the MOST ACCURATE DOSES EVER, and the most accurate PREDICTIONS ever.
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