ManageBGL 2.0 - basal insulin times etc

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ManageBGL 2.0 - basal insulin times etc

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The latest ManageBGL has been released!

Now can add times, amounts and Insulin types for Basal insulins to be added to the Daily Plan.
Now detects BGL patterns of highs and lows
Added Aviva and My Diabetes for Android import formats, as well as SQL Lite and HTML reports of various kinds.
Improved CareLink import to include sensor data and calibrations
Import can now add a time zone offset if required
New coaching elements for Jelly Beans (implied Hypo)

API GetToken can now use either GET or POST. Fixed GetToken redirect error.
Better handling of User <-> Patient time zone differences when adding Sample data
Added log entry type for Thyroid tests
New coaching system to advise of missing A1C tests, DOB, Gender etc.
Coach now uses patient age, gender and diabetes type to identify missing tests
Time-based information like sensitivities now shows a history of the 10 most recent values.
Logout now in footer of each page
New Youtube channel
Fixed missing HumulinNPH
Different headers, icons and charts for Type 1 vs Type 2 diabetics
BGLs now have absolute minimum and maximum range
Wizard js now moved to common
Audit logs now cannot be edited
Improved handling of avatar
Now can remove a share
Sub-accounts now get the same defaults as the parent record (location, timezone, measurement units etc)
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