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Jade logging out

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We have heard that for some customers, Jade logs them out periodically. For others, it shows tips on every screen even though they have seen them before. The tips re-display issue actually happened to us for the first time a few days ago. We have also heard that logs do not sync all the time - it is possible that this is caused by the same issue, but we expect it would also be accompanied by being logged out.

Jade records who you are logged in as, what tips you have seen and the status of log syncing. The location we use for this (localStorage), Apple now considers as 'local cache' which can be discarded pretty much at will. This is a pretty fundamental issue. It is also fairly random - affecting some users and not others.

We are considering whether to remove tips in the short term while we move them to the synced settings.

Until then, our recommendation is to
  • Keep Jade open - do not close it
  • Try not to have more than ~4 apps open - ie give iOS less reason to 'clean up' the cache
  • Ensure you have plenty of free space on your phone - give iOS less reason to free up space
  • To force a re-sync, use Settings\About\Discard logs and re-download
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