ManageBGL 1.6 - 3 Insulins allowed, Audit logging

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ManageBGL 1.6 - 3 Insulins allowed, Audit logging

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Now allows a total of 3 different insulin types.
Active insulin calc now more accurate
New integration of TDD (total daily dose) into rules of thumb for initial Insulin and Carbohydrate ratios.
Audit logging of changes

Removed concentration values beside insulin and carbohydrate charts as confusing for some users
Fixed Levemir spelling
Emergency settings now shows changes saved confirmation
No meal carbs are defaulted if the time is more than 2 hours before the first meal or 2 hours after the last meal
Times on charts now shown as 12pm to save space
From charts, bgl entries can be edited, copied or deleted, and carbs, insulin and factors can now also be copied. Thinner line for charts
Max bgl now set on chart
Insulin screen now shows warning if no insulins defined, and and allows 3 insulins
New OAuth style method to get token for third-party APIs
Change Patient links now include name in link for easier browser history search
1800/1500 rule for initial Insulin Sensitivity calculation
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