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ManageBGL 1.7 - 2 basal, 2 bolus insulins, afreeza, novolog

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:49 pm
by DataMystic Support
Logs now show the last 48 hours worth of results for easier comparisons, and a double-line between days for easier reading
TDD calc now handles missing insulin
Fixed IE problems with editing ISF, Carb ratio etc
Added OneTouch .csv import
Added Afreeza and Novolog insulins
Fixed bug with sensor data stopping charts from working
New combined logging screen
Now supports 2 basal and 2 bolus insulins
Better help links in footer, new help icon and page at upper right
Adding coaching to home page
Max Bolus Exceeded message now includes actual amounts, and link to settings fixed
Insulin setup now on new settings screen
Undo button in settings
Carbs chart, edit background sugar now edits basal rate
BGL now auto-scaling again
Charts - buttons to disable some charts, and also for import/reports
Import now has warning if short acting insulin is undefined. Also has data wash option more prominent
Times now in 2pm rather than 14:00 format