ManageBGL - v2.2 Release

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ManageBGL - v2.2 Release

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In-place editor now copes with exchanges, portions, KE, CC, BE carb units, and imperial height and weight, and Blood Pressure
Now can register an organization
Non-logged in pages now show a message in the header if you are still logged in and can return
Preliminary and Final Point summary emails
Added logging and modelling for protein and fat
All file imports are now fully audited and reversible, so at any time you can go back and remove them (e.g. to fixup a time zone problem).
Imports also track provided versus loaded logs (duplicates are ignored)
Improved Dex import
BGLs predictions are now compared with actuals and lower discrepancies give more points
Coach now calculates the time of the erroneous insulin shot
Now predicts affects of alcohol using standard drink table
Now allows temporary basal dose changes - for pumpers only
Now allows Return to Baseline to model endogenous insulin in T2's and T1's in the honeymoon period
Now allows logging of c-peptide, fasting plasma glucose, oral glucose tolerance, random plasma glucose, triglycerides
Carbs now shown without trailing zeroes
ManageBGL now prompts new users for settings progressively, and defaults initial values intelligently
Can now set the number of previous days to examine when looking for
Factors now display with more sensible units
GetToken API method now works
Updated API documentation
New API call to retrieve predictions
Added 3rd party APIs for WellDoc, Glooko, Gludi, TicTrac, Diabeto, Biomedtrics, Timesulin, GlucoseBuddy and Validic
Added BP and Weight direct log filters
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