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New version of WordPipe, ExcelPipe and PowerPointPipe

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 5:02 pm
by DataMystic Support
We've just posted new versions of WordPipe, ExcelPipe and PowerPointPipe with the following new features:

* Now processes files with Unicode filenames.
* List of Files now supports Unicode filenames.
* Up/Down arrows now work outside of the Grid control.
* Changed install to support Windows Vista - Test files and Sample are now stored under Application Data\DataMystic\*Pipe. Default install location is now Program Files\DataMystic\*Pipe.
* New button to copy selected rows.
* Status dialog can now save a report as a Web Page, CSV or Tab data.
* New option to restart Microsoft Word automatically after a given number of documents. This helps to eliminate Microsoft Word errors.
* Now checks if Microsoft Word is not responding, and shows a helpful message to the end user. Microsoft Word can be restarted automatically if it is unresponsive for a given number of seconds.
* New option to specify the path to the Microsoft Word executable (.exe) file. This is used if Microsoft Word cannot be restarted automatically after a failure.
* New option to process a list of files pasted in.
* Now allows replacements longer than 255 characters (working around a
Microsoft Word limitation).
* Import from a .XLS replace list now handles trailing spaces and the values Yes/No/True/False/1/0 for Boolean fields.
* Multi-line values can now be edited in the grid.
* Error messages reworked to always show the filename first.
* Status dialog can now copy filenames without messages - very useful for generating lists of files to reprocess.