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/z command line question (with an Excel filter)

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 2:08 pm
by interceptor3
I am having trouble creating a command file using the /z option: I want to do something like this:

/f=ceacaan1.xls ; filter file
ceacaan1.htm ; <wildcard> (filter only to be applied to this file)
/f=noname26.xls ; next filter file
noname26.htm ; next file to be searched & replaced

to input an Excel search and replace list, open an .htm file and apply the search and replace rules to that particular .htm file, then open the next Excel filter and apply it to the next .htm file. I have 340 Excel filter and 340 .htm files.

It would appear that: 1) may the /f command cannot take an Excel file as input and 2) the <wildcard> cannot be a single file.

Please help me determine if I am using the right approach to apply 340 unique search and replace filters to 340 unique .htm text files. Maybe there is another way (I am not an experienced VBScipt coder).

Many thanks,

Alternative /z command line question (with an Excel filter)

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2004 1:11 am
by interceptor3
Well, I decided to do it a different way, without using Excel filters. Just put the filters in the command file directly and run it on the 340 files: